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Tanner Dunkel – Owner/Head Instructor



Hello, I am Tanner Dunkel, The founder of this company. I am a paramedic who has  been involved in the first aid world for about 7 years now in various capacities. I have provided first aid service as volunteer work through Scouts Canada, I have mentored new fledgling first-aiders, I have coached teams of first-aiders in order to improve, I have been a trainer for rep level hockey, and of course I have formally taught first aid with both the Lifesaving Society and the Canadian Red Cross. I am also currently a paramedicine student at the University of Toronto finishing the fourth year of by degree, having graduated from Centennial College as a paramedic.

As an instructor, my goal is simple: make Canada a safer place through ensuring that more people are trained in first aid and CPR and furthermore that they actually REMEMBER it!

I have been through many different first aid courses taught by many different people and one thing that I always noticed is that they were boring! We would sit in class for 8 hours a day listening to the instructor talk, watching PowerPoint slides flip by and only get to use hands on skills for a few hours in the entire course! This works great to pass a test but when push comes to shove and you need to use the skills in a real emergencies your memory fails you. This is where I hope to change things.

In my courses, I focus on making you, the student, do most of the work. I lecture for as little time as possible, and use different methods like group teaching, games, scenarios, question and answer sessions and many other methods in order to keep you engaged.


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